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Paid Search & Paid Social

Digital Marketing is the rocket fuel to your Business. We work with you to identify the best sources to drive results faster.

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Paid Search & Paid Social

Google Ads, Google’s search engine advertising system, collects bids from advertisers for certain keywords. The highest quality ads with the strongest bids appear in Google’s search results, and advertisers pay based on the number of clicks the ads receive (which is why this method is also called Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, advertising).

The nuances of bidding, ad quality, and optimization can be complex, which is why relying on a certified Google Ads professional to carry out your advertising will save you time and frustration inherent in mastering an unfamiliar marketing tool. Sure, you could use Google’s automated optimization and performance tools to launch a strong campaign, but you can’t rely on automation tools without understanding the impacts each choice makes. Plus, doing so takes the human touch out of advertising — and your business isn’t robotic and cold. Why should your ads be?


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